No. You can sign up (with your email) and begin to use the FULL platform immediately. We will notify you as you approach your monthly usage threshold so you can put in your card information.

No. You can use the Free Tier as long as you’d like.

No. All message payload data is encrypted and not accessible to Harbor, its employees or its partners.

Harbor’s was born from the frustration of dealing with current monitoring and intelligence systems that are OVERPRICED and produce GARBAGE IN/GARBAGE OUT. The core premise of Harbor is ease of use, pay for what you use and get the data you want to the people who need it. Our goal is to take the CR out of App Monitoring.

No, not yet. But all of our Beacons and code are publicly available and can be customized by our clients/partners however they would like. They can then choose to share them with the Harbor Community or keep them private within their organization.

Yes. Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with our open roles. page.