• Clear Sailing
    Massive insight, little $$$, total control
    Our application platform was built with simplicity at the forefront,
    so getting full insight into your application is easy, whether your
    business is running one virtual machine, ten thousand or millions
    of end points. Harbor gets out of your way so teams can get insight,
    intelligence and take actions faster with more intelligence and
    more efficiency.

Currently designing building scaling solutions for the following companies.


Our Features

System and Device Agnostic

Insight into everything. Faucets, lightbulbs, printers, mobile, servers, database systems you name it. Harbor can gather insight and data from any connected device.

Supports the full life cycle

From edge server database server edge. Harbor gives you insight at every step in your application life cycle.

Your data, your way

No-one has the ability to accept data like Harbor. Send in the data that is meaningful to you. No pre-scripted fields or forced information fields. Your data, your way.


Intelligent data segmentation. Device segmentation, location segmentation, ad-hoc segmentation by intelligently understanding your data feeds. The list is endless.

Data view transformation

With Harbor you can transform your data into views that make sense to you and your users. No more fighting with visualization tools that can’t provide you with the insight that you, your users and your clients want.

Usage based

No upfront sign-up fees, no monthly subscriptions, a generous free monthly usage allowance. You simply pay based on usage.

and more...

Our inbound and outbound APIs are open and available for you to build new and exciting integrations.
Slack, email, SMS and the list is growing fast.